"Avni Energy Real estate 2001 Ltd." is a business enterprising company that operates in the real-estate market. They specialize in the construction and operation of oil stations in favorable locations in Israel, as well as the development of both industrial and residential areas.

Eng. Micha Avni owns and runs Avni Energy Ltd. He is an expert in the construction, development and profitable operation of such development ventures as oil stations, car wash facilities, drive-in stores, restaurants, and additional services and facilities. He is a living testament to the excellent financial and operational management of oil stations in Israel, in cooperation with Delek Company Ltd., the No.1 oil company in Israel. Business Enterprises has proven experience in locating land for investment and in developing successful projects, as described above.

Our company offers an extensive range of real-estate investment opportunities, extending from immediate development ventures to many excellent long-term investments.

Gas-station development is one of the most worthwhile investments to make in todays market. At Business Enterprising Ltd., we are always interested in investment offers and in joint ventures with business associates who wish to invest in Israel or its neighboring countries. By utilizing our proven comparative and prominent advantage in Israel success is always close at hand.

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